Selling my Rigs

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Because my electricity price/kwh went up and the price is bad , i am no longer profitable mining and i want to sell my rigs.
The rigs are as follows:

4 rigs with :6 x RX 580 8GB Nistro+(Sapphire)
3 rigs with :6 x RX 580 8GB SE(Sapphire)
1 rig with :6 x RX 580 8GB Pulse
1 rig with :GTX 1060 6GB(MSI Gaming)

The rest of the components are the same for all the rigs:

MB: Gigabyte h110 D3A
PSU: EVGA Supernova Gold 1300 W
SSD: 120 Gb Kingston
Ram: Corsair 4gb ,2133 Mhz
Risers:Wazney 008S, 60CM
CPU:Celeron Kaby Lake , 2.9GHZ

On/off button, aluminium frames etc.

Hashrate for the RX rigs is between 180 and 183 and for the GTX rig us 144.
Also RX rigs where undervolted so RX rigs are using 900 w.
Rigs run under windows 10 with awesome miner.

Gpus are still under warranty for 15 more months, so are the other components.
The rigs ran for 3 months in an air conditioned room.
I am located in eastern Europe.

If anybody is interested feel free to contact me for more details and price.

Here are some photos of all of them together:
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