Infinito Wallet Supports EOS DApps

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Infinito Wallet, a universal wallet or multi-currency wallet has recently released an update that will support EOS dApps in App Square, this according to Crypto Briefing on Saturday.

It is said that EOS might be the most restricted blockchain in the top ten and it is widely regarded as being less user-friendly, as account creation even requires technical sophistication. These complications could be solved with the help of Infinito Wallet. Infinito Wallet lessens the technicality when using EOS by giving user-friendly account services.

“[Y]ou can create an EOS account right inside Infinito App Square and never have to risk using obscure or even fraudulent services found online(….)Infinito team has added this service for users to be able to easily join the EOS ecosystem and benefit from all features of the EOS blockchain right inside the Universal Wallet.” explained Infinito Wallet in a press conference.

The incoming updates by Infinito Wallet will include allowing users to participate in an EOS voting and “seamless management of multiple portfolios across platforms”.

Infinito Wallet also mentioned in the press conference that the current dApps supported by their platform are: DEXOS, EOS Account Creator and PRA Candybox.
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