Are you the Best Dot Hopper?

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We are looking for the Best Dot Hopper! Do you think you can be the one?

Dot Hop, a game via GAMEE allows you to play using Telegram so you could share it with your friends, record your scores on a leaderboard and be competitive in a friendly way! But we got a friendly competition for you that could earn you real rewards!

For 12 days starting tomorrow, CryptoDice will give away 0.05 ETH to the Best Dot Hopper of each day! These are what you need to do:

1. Join CryptoDice Community on Telegram
2. On the group, type @gameedothop (do not click send) wait for the game to pop and click on Dot Hop
3. Play Dot Hop
4. Comment your wallet address on CryptoDice Community on Telegram

If you become the number one player of the day, 0.05 ETH will go straight to your wallet at 8 pm PST! So what are you waiting for? Join the telegram group, play Dot Hop and secure your place on the number one spot!
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