Follow2Win: Twitter Promo!

CryptoDice’s ETH giveaway has ended today! Thank you for supporting our event and playing CryptoDice—the luckiest dApp on the Ethereum platform! Here are the three lucky winners of our ETH Giveaway:

Congratulations to our winners! Winners are also officially posted on our CryptoDice Twitter page and in our CryptoDice Community! All the love and support for the game however big or little are very significant to us! We appreciate all of the people who took the time to make a MetaMask account, place bets, check out the game site, and even just take a look at our game!

This is why we would like to make another promo for all of you so we can give back! But unlike the ETH Giveaway, our new event, Follow2Win, will take place on our Twitter! And the success of this promo is in your hands! We will push through with the Twitter giveaway only if you want to!

So visit our CryptoDice Twitter page and participate in our poll! Let us know your insights by leaving a comment and make sure you stay tuned for more details!
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