How Will Blockchain Become More Effective in Marketing?

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Marketing Tech declared blockchain to provide a great value in the marketing industry with regards to building valuable, individualized customer services. Marketing Tech set fashion brand Babyghost as an example. The company introduced the use of blockchain technology in their company in 2016. This technology allowed customers to get detailed information on any apparel from the brand. This allowed for brands to be more transparent which becomes a great foundation to a brand’s credibility.

Blockchain also enables marketers and consumers alike to gain the ability to account for actual consumer engagement directly, which eventually allows marketers to understand consumer engagement better. Blockchain provides not only transparency in the side of brands. It also provides transparency on the side of the consumers. Records of consumers’ activities will be visible to all, which makes for an instant and direct answer to every marketer’s question: what do the consumers want? Brands gain quick insight to what their consumers are doing and this indirect feedback becomes basis for plans and innovations for the brand’s betterment.

Blockchain will stay relevant and continue to be adopted. Marketing Tech mentioned that the full realization of the blockhain technology lies with consumer adoption and not entirely with company adoption for the future of blockchain in Marketing is active with consumer engagement.

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