[FREE ETHER GIVE AWAY] We Need you! Help Us Grow Our dApp ZED

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Claim FREE ETHER today

At Super Gyrus, our core values are embedded in the saying that, “tomorrow is today”. We strive to bring the future forward with unusual ideas that draw curiosity and excitement. Everything we do is imaginative and bold which portrays a radical reflection of who we are.

We are hyped to be launching the Early Release of our racehorse manager game, ZED, where players can buy, sell, and race their digital thoroughbred on the blockchain.

Our plan is to develop a futuristic experience with LIVE racing on the blockchain. Our vision goes well beyond any sense of traditional gaming. We want players to not only go on a journey with us, but we also want them to create a legacy with a star-studded stable full of the coolest digital racehorses on the web.

We have built a small, yet incredible team of doers and dreamers that have confessed to having dreamt about horses racing in zero gravity. You see, we live and breathe ZED and you could even say that we are nuts.

Through our Early Release, you can now get your hands on the rarest racehorses to ever exist in ZED. Nakamoto and Szabo are the rarest of the breeds, only these 2 bloodlines are being made available during our Early Release.

Now, this where we need YOUR HELP to grow and establish the ZED community!

To celebrate the Early Release of ZED we are giving away real Ether to participants who complete the below requirements of our bounty campaign correctly.

We have kept this simple. Feel free to share this with others who may be eligible.

  1. Go to zed.run and join for free (connect to MetMask and sign up).
  2. Join our Discord channel and be active.
  3. Follow our page Twitter page.
  4. Retweet reference post with a comment and tag at least 3 others.
  5. You must have at least 200 Twitter followers.
Twitter re-tweet and comment
  1. Retweet and leave a positive comment on the twitter reference post.
  2. This link:
  3. You must tag 3 or more people that might like the game.
  4. Must include our Discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/sNgA5Zu
Claim Process
  1. Send us the link to your twitter post or account.
  2. Send us the name of your Stable (the one that you created when signing up to zed.run).
  3. Give us your Discord username.
  4. Drop your public address so we can transfer you Ether.
  1. Twitter followers between 200 and 999 = 0.01 ETH
  2. Twitter followers between 201 and 1,000 = 0.05 ETH
  3. Twitter followers between 1,001 and 5,000 = 0.10 ETH
  4. Twitter followers between 5,001, and 9,999 = 0.25 ETH
  5. Twitter followers between 10,000 and 20,000 = 0.35 ETH
  6. Twitter followers between 20,001 and 50,000 = 0.45 ETH
  7. Twitter followers between 50,001 and 99,000 = 0.55 ETH
  8. Twitter followers of more than 100,000+ = 0.75 ETH
  1. No fake accounts; Twitter accounts will be checked.
  2. No bots; we will be checking.
  3. You must comment and tag at least 3 people in a re-tweet of the referring link.
  1. Please allow us a few days to review your reward claim.
  2. We reserve the right to reject any claims from suspected spam accounts or as we deem fit.
  3. This promotion ends on a future date that will be announced on our discord channel or on this forum.
  4. The giveaway amount has been capped at 10Ξ (~$1,300.00 USD).
  5. Anyone that participates after the campaign has ended, not be rewarded with claims.
Need help or want to know more. Head over to the promotion channel on Discord.
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