This Might Be the Final Pit of Cryptocurrencies' Decline

CryptoDiceCryptoDice Member Posts: 90

Clem Chambers made an article in Forbes predicting that this will be the final bottom of the cryptocurrencies’ decline after the “breakdown”.

If you have been a crypto fanatic, you would know that since cryptocurrencies’ peak in 2017 almost drastically changed and fluctuated in 2018. As an example, from $1,098.36 in January 2018, Ether or ETH became $117.01 in November 2018. And Bitcoin from $10,309.64 in January 2018, fluctuated to $3,689.56 in December 2018, as Statista recorded.

But Chambers reported that he would never think of Bitcoin going to zero, and so do we. He guessed that $2,500 will be worse levels for Bitcoin. It is to an extent agreeable that the final leg of the decline is what it has been, especially because the slow rise is starting to take off this January 2019.

Cryptocurrencies’ volatility makes for nothing but an unpredictable and unexpected ride for crypto fans and although the last of 2018 might be the final blow to the strength of the digital coins, no one would tell for sure whether it will hit or break its previous peak before.


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