Voltage & power consumption struggle RX 580 (Sapphire Nitro+, XFX)

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Hello guys,

First of all, I want to make a humble statement and say that I DID in fact use the search bar and read through many topics, I've been using this forum as a source of information for some time. But today I need to ask you directly and therefore beg for help.

Situation: XX rx 580 cards, did flashing, bios edited though either SRBpolaris or PBE, including timings, hash rates are OK (around 30mH/s with 1112/2050), however due to the size or our mining operation we need to cut power consumption - at the moment each card pulls around 100W out of wall (shows around 88W in GPU-Z) , and changing any voltage settings in these editors proved to be useless - i doesnt work both with specific values or those 68253 and similiar "pointers"

I tried controlling voltage through claymore miner, failed, I tried OhGodsatool, failed, I tried HEX editiing the whole bios, failed,

I test the cards on Windows, then use phoenix miner/ claymore miner on Ubuntu.

Is there any way to lower the voltage and power consumption? Wattman, Afterburner and Trixx work with Vega 56 but no 580, and I need it done on Linux more than on Windows.

Thanks for ANY help in advance


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    if ur reading 100watts per gpu at the wall ur doing well and cant really do better
    but if ur reading 88W in gpu-z ur not 100 at the wall
    gpu-z only pulls what the gpu itself is using from the 6/8 pin power input
    it does not take into account the 75watts pulled at the pcie slot
    what u could try to do tho is use watt tool and use the voltage offset after mining starts
    i typically dont do any undervolting till this step
    as the DAG needs more power to generate than hashing the algo
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