Blockchain Will Become Normal in 2019

CryptoDiceCryptoDice Member Posts: 90

2017 was the most exciting period for cryptocurrencies and through that year’s boom, the technology underlying it which is blockchain, also got people’s attention. But 2018 was a tragic and monumental crash for cryptocurrencies, what with coin values fluctuating to almost 90% from their peaks. It caused digital currencies’ disappointment and also blockchain technology being less noticed.

But cryptocurrencies falling has nothing to do with blockchain technology’s functionality. Its security and speed features are still intact, not to mention that the cryptocurrency world has already been making a good recovery from its downfall in 2018. There are also great projects in store for blockchain as big investors have planned. But the moment cryptocurrency lay low, blockchain will also be a quieter technology. All the ruckus and excitement brought about by the cryptocurrency world will be taken away from blockchain, too.

But all things come together for good, as they say. Because on the brighter side, when cryptocurrency goes quiet and separates itself from the blockchain technology, more opportunities for other day-to-day tasks and normal life projects for blockchain will open and more people will be able to use and enjoy the features and functionalities of this wonderful technology.



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