Cryptocurrencies are Slowly on the Rise Again

CryptoDiceCryptoDice Member Posts: 90
At the start of 2018, no one could have predicted that the end of 2018 will be a terrifying time for cryptocurrencies. All digital currencies including the most famous Bitcoin were damaged by the end of the year due to the year’s decline.

Statista recorded how Bitcoin soared high at $13,860.14 in December 2017, still high at $10,309.64 in January 2018, but fluctuated to $3,689.56 in December 2018. Even other cryptocurrencies experienced the fall, all hitting their hurtfully most drastic low. From $1,098.36 in January 2018, Ether or ETH became $117.01 in November 2018.

But this early in January, we can already see even a bit of development in cryptocurrency value. Yesterday, in Coindesk’s list, Bitcoin is now in $3,847.41 and ETH is in $152.59. Even other coins experience this, even on a very slow rise like Litecoin from $32.01 in December 2018 to $32.75 yesterday.

But since cryptocurrencies follow almost all algorithms of natural economy, experts have expected the unpredictability in the rise and fall of their values. Hence, no one is to say whether cryptocurrencies will now rise and never experience another fall.

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