Invalert Cryptocurrency Price Trends

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Hi everyone;
Invalert is created by a software team. It generates alerts for an uptrend start or a downtrend start.
A unique algorithm works on data of crypto coins.
When algorithm catches a trend, an alert is generated and subscribers are informed instantly via Telegram.
An alert includes uptrend/downtrend, price, stoploss price, first target price, name of investment asset, name of market and a date.
After first target hit, trend can continue much more. It’s the nature of a trend. Decision of waiting on trend is left to users.
Users can check potantial maximum profit of a trend in web panel.
For calculation of success rate, if it hits first target before, then it’s a winner and if it hits stoploss before, then it’s a loser.
Before start of a reverse trend, if it hits neither the first target nor the stoploss then it’s a canceled.
Success rate = number of winner alerts / (number of winner alerts + number of loser alerts)
A trend life time is minimum 4 hours.
Invalert provides alerts history in details.
Success rate of alerts are given in various types such as for a coin/pair or for a time period.
Invalert has a high success rate. In a bear market, it will defend your portfolio and in a bull market it will grow your portfolio.
In the web panel, you will find much more than mentioned here.
Invalert team continues to improve algorithm and functionality of web panel.

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