This Week In Useful Tokens #9

As we are getting closer to the end of 2018, projects are still working hard to improve their technology and becoming even more useful tokens. We saw how this was the year of BUIDL and that 2019 will continue on this trend. Even with the holidays rapidly approaching, many teams are hard at work and deserve a spot on This Week in Useful Tokens.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token announced this week that it would be joining AdLedger, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the building and implementing blockchain standards for digital advertising. They join IBM, TEGNA, Coindesk and several other organizations in the goal of educating partners about the benefits of blockchain advertising. Read the full article here.

BAT also added a new feature to their browser that allows tipping to be more seamless. Content creators can now add customized banners to allow their fans to tip more easily. Check out more info here.


0x had a highly productive week, with a rebrand announcement, multiple platform updates and announcement of a hackathon.

0x announced that they would be dropping the Project and Protocol from their name, along with some slight branding updates. All of these updates can be found here.

0x also released their last Relayer Report of the year, stating that the next one will come around mid-January. With this report was the announcement of a new relayer, Bit2Me, integration of Instant and discussion on the ecosystem. If interested, read the full report here.

0x also announced they would be hosting a hackathon with Coinlist between January 10th through February 7th, 2019 with the goal of improving the user experience in areas relating to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), compliance, and decentralized finance. The top prize will win $10,000 in ZRX, with prizes being awarded to anyone that submits a project. Learn more about the rules here.


district0x released their weekly report, as well as their educational portal update report this week. Both pieces contain valuable information for those that are already familiar with DNT, as well as for those that are looking to learn more about this great project. Check out the weekly report here and the educational portal report here.


Dent had a great update this week by being featured on Korean television as “One of the Top Utility Tokens in the World.” Reaching a Korean audience is always important for any successful project, and we are proud that Dent was able to receive this exposure. The video is only in Korean, but you can still tell that they are enthusiastic about the potential of this project.


Sapien announced that they have released Polaris, just in time for the end of the year. Some of the streamlined features for this update include:

1. Communities are now called “Tribes”

2. Rewards Engine 2.0

3. Dynamic image resizer

4. Followers and following features

5. Enhanced Tribe and user pages

6. Enhanced post and comment creation

7. Echoing posts

8. ReCaptcha to mitigate bots

9. Enhanced Verification for users

10. Revamped branding

11. Improved staking user experience

This update has plenty of great updates, which you can check out in their official announcement.
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