AlethZero JSON RPC - Ethereum JavaScript API - Method not implemented

I am working with AlethZero (v0.8.2) and the Ethereum JavaScript API (ethereum.js source: API docs:

A few of the methods seem to be working fine, but many of them are not "METHOD_NOT_FOUND: The method being requested is not available on this server"

Is this just because AlethZero is evolving faster than the JavaScript API?
Is there a public list of the available AlethZero JSON RPC methods?

I've started with the example project here:
modified the node app a little:

var web3 = require("../index.js");
web3.setProvider(new web3.providers.HttpProvider('http://localhost:8080')); //8080 for AlethZero, 8545 for mist

//working methods
console.log('AlethZero is currently mining =',web3.eth.mining);
console.log('Gas price', web3.eth.gasPrice);
console.log('Accounts held by you:',web3.eth.accounts);
var coinbase = web3.eth.coinbase;
console.log('Coinbase address:',coinbase);

//failing methods
var balance = web3.eth.getBalance(web3.eth.accounts[0]);
console.log(balance); // instanceof BigNumber
// compile solidity source code
var source = "" +
"contract test {\n" +
" function multiply(uint a) returns(uint d) {\n" +
" return a * 7;\n" +
" }\n" +
var compiled = web3.eth.compile.solidity(source); //also fails with web3.eth.solidity(source)
var address = web3.eth.sendTransaction({data: compiled});

///... and many more

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