How to Launch an STO step by step- The Complete Guide 2019

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So, you may have heard all of the buzz going around the blockchain industry recently

It’s no secret that Security Token Offerings (STOs) are currently dominating headlines and are attracting massive interest from both investors and enthusiasts alike.

There is a lot of good reason for their interest!

Companies use these methods so that they can raise capital from investors, to fund other parts of the business, such as expansion plans. In return for their investment, the financiers are normally offered to make their money back, and make a profit through means such as: dividends, interest rates or a share on the company profits.

The goal of this guide is to explain how to launch an STO. This will include information on best practices, what to avoid and the legal ramifications of launching an STO.

For the complete STO guide

I hope you find it useful, for any question I'm here and will be more than happy to reply!
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