How to Install Metamask to Play CryptoDice

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For people who are aware of the CryptoDice and Dappsite ETH giveaway and wanted to play CryptoDice for the first time to send an entry for the promo but cannot seem to play because they don’t have a Metamask account yet, we’ll help you! This is a very simple and quick steps guide to having a Metamask account to play CryptoDice!

Metamask allows users to run Ethereum powered dApps straight from the browser without the hassle of going into full Ethereum node. That’s the good news. But the best news is, installing a Metamask account is easy!

First, you have to install Metamask on your browser. Chrome allows you to do just that, so all you have to do is go to and click “Install to Chrome” and wait until the installation is done!

Next is setting up your account which is pretty easy since Metamask provides an easy to follow step-by-step account set up as easy as creating a social media account.

Once you have your account and password secured, your account will automatically contain your wallet ID or address where you can load it up to transfer ETH from any coin exchange websites!

Finally, as you have loaded up your Metamask account, you’ll be ready to play CryptoDice here:! So play CryptoDice now and share this easy tutorial with your friends!
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