Everything You want to know about ICO PR campaigns, and how to run your own PR

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017.
To those of you that were into crypto at the beginning of 2018, I’m sure you noticed the insane number of new projects that tried to get a piece of this cake.

At the beginning of 2018 companies looked for around x30 profit for their in-house investments (Marketing wise).

So if a client spent around $100,000 in a marketing campaign with us, he looked to raise around 30 Million USD.

As we got closer to 2019, the numbers went significantly down.

[b]So, How much ICO/STO PR should cost on average?[/b]

In your ICO/STO you will deal with plenty of suppliers, that will usually try to squeeze your marketing budget as much as possible. I recommend you always use your common sense before making any financial decisions. You will need it!

The cost of a PR for an ICO/STO is not universally set. It depends on how much buzz you want to make and how ‘large’ you want your ICO/STO to be.

The costs always vary, but I have made a short list that will help you to understand average ICO PR costs:

[b]Articles on popular crypto websites:[/b]
Cost: Tier 1 sites like CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk — 2,000$–12,000$ Per Article.
On Cointelegraph, for example, the price is 1–2 BTC to submit your PR article.

On Tier 2 sites the cost can go from 500$-2000$.

Crypto YouTube Influencers:
Cost: $5K — $40K per video.

[b]Content Writers –[/b]
If you don’t have a content writer on your team You should probably hire a freelancer.
The price per article can go from 50$-500$ for a high-quality article.
The quality of your company content has a direct impact on your image in the eyes of the community, so don’t settle for less.
Focusing on creating high-quality ICO/STO PR content is crucial for your ICO/STO success.

So, this info represents in a very general matter about the costs in every channel where one can address to while building a PR campaign If you want to get more info about how to market your ICO, I recommend you read this full ICO/STO PR guide
It a bit long but totally worth it.
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