What do miners generally do with their rewards? Is this changing?

jpittsjpitts Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1 admin
I have been watching the block rewards decreases, the rise of CBD & DAI, the falling price of cryptocurrencies in general, and becoming more interested in the larger economic picture about "flows of ether".

What I want to know is what miners generally do with their rewards, and if there are tools or metrics available to understand these flows better. Perhaps this has changed over time, through the ICO era, through the run-up, and through the long slide this year. And is decreasing rewards changing anything? I expect that there will be a lot of diversity in the answers, and some snarky perspectives too (as things have changed so much for the worse over the past year). That's OK!

Patterns can be learned from anecdotes and general impressions, and perhaps from that more detailed analyses can be explored.
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