Blockchain Powered Systems

Blockchain can be open or private. It contains records upon records of distributed data, disseminated to all of its users. Each recorded data is encoded and encrypted, time-stamped and hashed, and locked together via previous and following data blocks, creating a perfect chain. Using private and public keys, users can access all data that goes to the blockchain and verify before they add a new data block in the chain. Progress and innovation in the technology of secure record keeping and its adjustments is the biggest feature blockchain gives us.

Blockchain will change numerous systems in the future and it is starting now. There are much real life or even business related applications blockchain can be used for and some are now being implemented, we just don’t realize it yet. One biggest thing that blockchain already penetrated is online gaming. There are many blockchain apps out there such as gambling games like Cryptodice ( Interest in blockchain is now yielding results and investors and retailers upon investors are all piling up to have an innovative blockchain powered system of their own. Not far from now, blockchain will be a part of our government systems, health care, and even property records. We all just have to conform for the better.
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