Cryptodice ETH Raffle

Have you heard about Cryptodice and Dappsite ETH giveaway raffle promo? You read that right! Cryptodice is giving away FREE ETH in partnership with Dappsite! Cryptodice will have a raffle and will pick from entries to determine three lucky winners of 0.2ETH! The steps to win are easy!

First, play Cryptodice:

Second, take a selfie while playing and waiting for results to prove that you played!

Third, join Dappsite Community telegram group if you haven’t already.

Last, send your photo to the Dappsite Community telegram group to earn an entry!

One photo is already equivalent to one entry. But there should only be one entry per person! Spamming and flooding of photos are not allowed and anyone who does so will be banned from the group. So make sure you send your photo right! Join now and you might just win ETH for FREE!
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