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Cryptodice has been launched for a month now and it needs you to be part of the community that plays it! Yes, you who reads this right now! Cryptodice community may still be small but the group grows bigger and it's great if you become part of it this early!

We would like to encourage everyone to join the fun and play Cryptodice! As a matter of fact, Cryptodice is tying up with Dappsite, a dapp listing site to give away free ETH for lucky people who will join their raffle! The giveaway will launch on Dappsite Community in Telegram.

To win free ETH, the mechanics are easy! Follow these steps:

1. The raffle will be announced and will happen on Dappsite Community Telegram group. So the first thing you need to do is be sure that you're already part of Dappsite Community on Telegram so you can tune in on the raffle! (Link to the Telegram account is found below.)

2. Once you're joined to the group or if you're already part of it, the next step is easy! Play Cryptodice! This wouldn't be difficult because it has easy instructions on how to play it in the game site. And this step is actually the fun part! Play here:

3. While playing Cryptodice, all you have to do is take a selfie while you're playing it and send the picture to Dappsite Community Telegram group starting December 3. Easy, right? Just send one picture and you automatically have one entry to the raffle draw!

*One picture per person is enough. No spamming or flooding of screenshots! Spammers will automatically get banned.

From all the entries, Dappsite will pick three random lucky winners of 0.2 ETH, so you can play more Cryptodice, increase your ETH value and farm more ETH!

Dappsite Community will announce the winners via Telegram pinned message. So join the group to stay tuned! Check out the group here:

So what are you waiting for? Join Dappsite Community Telegram, play Cryptodice and send a screenshot to Dappsite! You might be one of the lucky winners of ETH!
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