This Week in Useful Tokens #6

Yet another great week in useful tokens, where Ethex drops their mobile dApp, Dent continues their massive expansion, and BNTY announces the launch date for their sheriffs program. Check it all out here in This Week in Useful Tokens.


This was a big week for us at Ethex, as we launched our Ethex Trade Wallet for iOS and Android! This is an Ethereum wallet that supports ETH and all ERC20 tokens, and allows traders to complete their orders directly peer-to-peer from their own wallets. Ethex does not hold any private keys, making it a truly decentralized experience. Download the new dApp with the links below.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Basic Attention Token

BAT held a community-ran AMA with Chief Business Officer Brian Brown, who covered various topics that mainly focused on the logistics of the paid advertising/reward system that will be implemented with Brave soon. Feel free to check out the summary here.


Maker was recently featured on CoinMarketCap for an overview of stable coins, what they are and how they work. This is a very in-depth coverage about stable coins and is a great read. Check out the full article here.


BNB had a big week with their listing of Mithril. Under new listing policy, all new coins make a donation, of which MITH donated 20,000 BNB tokens. Along with their listing, Binance Research released a report on Mithril, which can be found here. They also completed the BCH hard fork, which resulted in BCHABC and BCHSV. Binance also released their monthly report which can be viewed here.


Augur released their weekly report, which details development updates, metrics, research on predictive markets, and various community videos. The main takeaway is that the Forecast Foundation is meeting up in order to discuss the following:

— UI grievances
 — Reporter guidelines
 — Whether to add time-based fees in version 2 of Augur
 — REP price feed options
 — Augur version 2 work
 — Bookie SDK for Augur
 — Augur Node refactor
 — Augur.js refactor
 — Creating an Augur development blog

Feel free to check out the full report here.


This week, co-founder and vice president Brandon Grill sat down with Altcoin Magazine for an interview to discuss the use case and general need for 0xBTC, the vision of the project going forward, and the strength of the community. This interview included much more, so feel free to give it a read here.


Dent continues to make massive moves every week, and they have now gone live in the African country of Benin. This brings their total reach up to 123 operators in 38 countries. Additionally, they will integrate a Mandarin Chinese interface to their new v1.3 that will be released soon.


Bounty had a busy week with the announcement of their Sheriffs Program opening to everyone on November 23rd. If you are interested in learning more about the Sheriffs program, read more here. BNTY also had their 40th podcast in which they discuss collectible tokens and games. They also put out their Weekly Distribution Report which can be found here.
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