GPU hashrate dropped to zero? (ethereum-cpp,

dchmelikdchmelik Member Posts: 1
A few weeks ago I started mining with cpp-ethereum on Ubuntu/Mint (both at different times) with a Vega 64 on Recently when I start it like 'ethminer --farm-recheck 200 --opencl -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:4444' it just says my hashrate is zero, maybe for a long time. Before this, I had some sort of system problem that my GUI was hanging/freezing sometimes, so I had to restart a lot, and during a recent night, it got to the mid-to-high seventies Fahrenheit in my room overnight (well from early morning to (after)noon.) I wonder if either those things had to do with it (too short sessions for, or overheating) and what I can do to test or fix what happened... Another program, BOINC, does seem to be successfully using the GPU, so I'm not sure it even overheated (should work for a while in that temperature anyway especially when nothing is overclocked.) Maybe I just need to leave it on overnight and check in the morning, but I think the GUI will have frozen and I'll have to hard reboot. (I searched for similar questions but only saw someone posting they had it drop to zero with geth, not eth.)
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