This Week in Useful Tokens

This Week in Useful Tokens has now been moved to Wednesdays, so this update covers the last 10 days of tokens with real world use case. These last days have shown great growth for FND, REQ, BAT, DAI, REP, DENT, and 0x. Read all the way through to stay up to date with everything in the real world use of tokens.

Fund Request

Fund Request tops our list of This Week in Useful Tokens with the launch of Arkane beta. This is a huge update, not just for Fund, but for the entire blockchain community as a whole. In their own words, Arkane is able to do the following:

One account and one place to manage all their wallets.
Get access to their wallets using socials logins.
Get notifications on incoming or outgoing wallet activity.
Have a clear overview of all their wallet activity.
Ability to transfer crypto to any of their crypto and non-crypto friends.
Ability to manage wallets on multiple blockchains.
Get access to a network of dapps with built-in Arkane support. For example, Safe Haven’s pooling service Thorblock or Ethereum’s development framework Truffle.
For developers, it provides the following features:

All the benefits for a crypto enthusiast.
Develop multi-blockchain applications with ease.
Get access to an easy to use SDK or set of APIs (with full documentation).
Ability to use the Arkane Truffle provider for easy contract deployments.
Automatic wallet creation for your users.
Take away the need for browser extensions, such as Metamask.
As you can see, the features available are extremely powerful for the blockchain space. Read more about Arkane here.

Request Network

Request Network has recently relocated their offices to TQ in Amsterdam. They hope that this move will help them curate excellent talent within Europe, as Amsterdam hosts many other tech companies and is an attractive location to bring in outside talent from within Europe. With this move, they have announced that they are hiring for Blockchain Engineer,​ Full Stack Developer​, and a Communication & PR Manager​.

Basic Attention Token

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, former CTO of Mozilla and CEO of Brave, sat down with What Bitcoin Did for a one hour podcast on Fixing Online Advertising, which you can listen to here. Additionally, Brendan was present at Websummit in Portugal where he discussed the coming privacy-by-default era, which you can watch here.


Maker released their Road to Mainnet Release, which details their continued effort towards quality and security, their support for one-offs and additional features, better price feed oracles, an integration layer, better usability, a smooth upgrade process, and multiple collateral types.

Also, the COO of MakerDAO, Steven Becker, sat down with The Boost VC Podcast and discussed Solving for Volatility in Crypto with a Decentralized Stablecoin which you can listen to here.

Augur Reputation

Augur had a good week due to the US Elections, in which over $2 million in Ether was placed in bets on Augur. This shows a higher level of adoption for the platform and makes Augur an even more useful token. Additionally, Augur released their weekly report that shows several development updates which you can check out here.


Dent has yet again expanded into a new country, adding Ecuador onto their already impressive list of real-world integration. Ecuador adds 4.5 million users and provides an excellent South American economy to their ever expanding integration. Dent is now operating in 37 countries with 121 mobile operators.


0x Released their October Development Update on November 6, highlighting governance, ecosystem, events, and new hires. This is a great read if you are interested in 0x and is very informative to the updates they have going on.

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