A private torrent blockchain project invites you to join

I am an independent Ethereum developer and I am currently building a blockchain project Ptbc.

Ptbc is a private torrent blockchain project written in Go. This project has been designed to improve the experience of PT community.

1. Adopted the decentralization approach to write the torrent into blockchain.
2. Use the blockchain wallet address to identify the user, and reward the user contribution with the Ptbc coin.
3. Added the support to calculate the precisely statistics of the upload and download bandwidth to avoid fraudulent traffic.
4. Adopted the multi-tracker method to avoid connecting problem caused by single tracker failture.
5. Multi-node trackers to sync the contributions and the PeerList by using P2P network of blockchain.

The project is currently in the early stages. If you are experienced in blockchain or torrent, and you are interested in this project, you are very welcomed to jump in :)

Masahiro Miki
Email:[email protected]
github: https://github.com/ptbc/ptbcd
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