katla.co PvP (Player versus Player) Ethereum Game

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In Ethereum game world, games are usually based on Player versus environment (PvE). We wanted to create safe, fair and easy Pvp(Player versus Player) Ethereum game. So we created “katla.co”. Our goal is every person can join katla.co game world and to play games in short time.
In katla.co, you can create new games or play already exisiting games. Every exisiting game is created by another player. You will always compete against another person. No computer-controlled opponents and/or players included.

How can I trust katla.co?

When you play game, Katla AI will create two numbers for each gamer (one for opponent, one for game creator). The player who gets the bigger number wins the game. It's simple as it is. If you have any doubts you can play with your friends. You will see one of you will lose and another will win.

Is katla.co Multiplayer Game?

Currently our games can be played by person vs person. One is creator of the game and other one is the opponent. But, our multiplayer games will be added as soon as possible.

How Do I Join And Play on katla.co?

Step 1 : Visit katla.co and register.
Step 2: Deposit some Ether
Step 3: Click play, win & double - tripple or more your Ether
Step 4: Use your Ether for new games or withdraw your Ether at any time as you wish

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