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Hi there!

At blockimmo we're building a platform for shared real estate investments and ownership. You can learn more by watching our explainer video https://www.youtube.com/blockimmo and by visiting our website https://blockimmo.ch

Our platform is build on Ethereum and we're looking for people who want to try out;
1) The on-boarding process
2) Invest in a "fictional" property

After a successful testing period, we will list the first properties and development projects on our platform.

1) The on-boarding process

Because we are a regulated platform, we have a solid legal framework in place (ruled and accepted in Liechtenstein, with the FMA), this gives the highest form of investor protection. In order to ensure this protection, we need to know who the investor is and where the funds are coming from (KYC / AML). We are also white-labeling our on-boarding solution (blockID - https://medium.com/blockid) as all DApps will have to face this challenge and we want to enable the ecosystem to grow fast.

You can start with testing this by going to https://blockimmo.ch and click login (top-right corner). You will need to have MetaMask installed. Any feedback is very welcome, either here or by email [email protected] or we also have a channel on Status (#blockimmo-ch).

2) Invest in a "fictional" property

Once you've been identified (and your wallet is whitelisted) you will be able to invest. Currently this can only be done in a test property called "Phoenix" - there is no (direct) value attached to this fictional property. In order to attract at least a 100 test people, we've limited the maximum amount per person to 0.1 ETH. You can either invest the full amount at once, or spread it over several transactions (while we can work on implementing your feedback).

You can start testing this by going to the Phoenix Property and use the right "Invest" module to start the investment process. Any feedback is very welcome, either here or by email [email protected] or we also have a channel on Status (#blockimmo-ch).

Reward in Ether (ETH)

As mentioned above the Phoenix property token (CH-ZG-1234) has no real value, but you never know, it might become a collectable item in the future. Yes, we know that might be a bit too abstract at the moment, that's why we will return your investment (max. 0.1 ETH) and most likely a bit more (bonus / surprise!). We will do this once the crowd-sale is successful through our pay out dividend method. Meaning, you will also be able to test how the process of claiming your share of the rent income (dividends) with us. The dividends are payed out in Ether and through our platform you will be able to claim your share.

Background information

- You can read a lot about our project by checking (reading) our blog post, probably best in the reverse order (bottom to top): medium.com/blockimmo
- We have a public bounty hunt on HackerOne which might be interesting for you: https://hackerone.com/blockimmo
- Our smart contracts have been audited by New Alchemy and we've executed penetration testing with Hosho (details can be found on our blog)
- We are listed on State of Dapps: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/blockimmo
- As mentioned you can chat with us through Status: https://get.status.im/chat/public/blockimmo-ch
- We're based in Switzerland, Zug (also know as Crypto Valley), if you're around, let us know and you are more than welcome at our office
- Further test cases will be announced later (i.e. trade on the secondary market / claim dividends / portfolio page / and more)

Thank you!
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