[ANN][DAPP] The Luggage Crowdsurance Decentralized Application

We are glad to announce that we have launched the first Crowdsurance DApp based on ERC721 Smart Token. The Luggage Crowdsurance smart contract unites people in groups to protect their luggage during the flights. Person can become a part of Crowdsurance joining a pool with ETH. Thanks to ERC721 Smart Token technology Luggage Crowdsurance Token (LCST) can be placed in Metamask wallet. To open risk coverage period LCST must be activated. Before activation the token can be transferred to another account. The reimbursement option is regulated by the smart contract. The Luggage Crowdsurance Smart Contract will work on an application and will put 5 independent experts from the RST tokenholders to make a decision. Now you can get a 4 ETH compensation for your lost luggage!

Luggage Crowdsurance application process:

To start the REGA Luggage Crowdsurance application process you need a Metamask wallet with a personal account that has some amount in Ether and at least 0.76 RST. Make sure that the Main Ethereum Network is selected and load savemyluggage.io DApp to start.

1. The first step is making an application and then wait when your application will be approved by scoring system.

2. The second step is make an allowance. You will approve RST token transfer from your account to the Luggage Crowdsurance smart contract account. Please note that the actual RST token transfer will be done during the 3rd step.

3. Now you are ready to join crowdsurance pool with RST tokens. After the end of this step you will receive ERC721 LCST Token and 0.76 RST tokens will be transferred from your account to the Luggage Crowdsurance smart contract account.

Wow, thanks to join us! For only 0,76 RST you can use our breathtaking product and get the payment up to 4 ETH. Also you can get refund in 180 days after activation.

Important links:
The Luggage Crowdsurance Website, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Medium.

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