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October 2018 |

Thanks to greatcornholio for the great build pics!

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We appreciate you being a part of the PiMP Project and for reading our newsletter. We want to hear from you, so jump in the PiMP discord at and tell us what you want us to be working on. Also, check out our #culture-food-fun and get to know your fellow miners and have some fun.
Look forward to seeing more features to gputool and pimpup so that we can help keep you making more hash with PiMP and!
This month's PiMP update covers some strategies for staying profitable from the PiMP community, including tax tips to maximize income, and a special User Spotlight on going commercial!

Make More Profits » 3 development is right on time. There are all new pool and alert views ready for you. The past few weeks we have been working diligently on the PiMP and subscription interface. Come see some previews!

Product Updates »

DocDrydenn from the PiMP Support team keeps it simple with his Crypto Mining Triage column this month. Come check out Doc and troubleshoot rig problems faster!

Check out Doc »

If you do nothing else, please go to the link below and tell us what feature you want most for upcoming PiMP OS 3! One question poll and we want to know what you want!

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