Unknown node added to peer on a private network without running admin.addPeer(…) on launching geth


When we start geth console and run admin.peers it gives the following output(not always) and disappears after sometime . We have not added any peers at the time of occurrence of the issue. Our system is in a private network and the machine is not accessible publicly over the internet. How is the foreign node getting connected to our network, without enode information and also without a public IP to connect to this network?

caps: ["eth/62", "eth/63"],
id: "c46968130c7eb048e516cbc03d91e4c5251d6e1c3911fd56f5e3055209aceea96852c20842ff61e7a1233c5a667207a8835665e8fa42b553fd915347fffd5cb7",

name: "Geth/v1.8.12-stable-37685930/linux-amd64/go1.10",

network: {

inbound: false,

localAddress: "",

remoteAddress: "",

static: false,

trusted: false


protocols: {

eth: "handshake"


System information
Geth version: 1.8.12
OS & Version: Windows 2012 server 64 bit

Ideally it should return [] when no peers are added.

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