How to run a pre-ICO without starting funds

maanirochildmaanirochild Member Posts: 51
In the pre-ICO stage, most of your funds will go for creating your website, simplifying your idea, and marketing.

If you can gather a team of experts, you don’t have to spend money on your pre-ICO funds.

Here are a few more tips
1 [b]Don’t buy your community[/b]- How many times have you gotten into a Telegram channel of an ICO you found and suddenly saw an insane amount of members? In 99% of the cases, the company buys thousands of Telegram members to fake the number.

2 Talk less about how good your company is and more about what you plan to solve- It’s a problem that many ICOs and even companies that are not from the crypto world are facing.

3 Good and solid tech team, one of the most important premier for the success of you're product

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