Solidity or Web3 'Strings'

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Ok, I'm not sure if this should be going in the Solidity, Geth or Web3 section but here goes.

I am running a private Geth chain, single node for Dapp testing purposes. I've wired everything up and got a simple GET and SET string Solidity contract deployed. No problem updating and retrieving the string on the Geth CLI using Remix to deploy and subsequently on a Truffle CLI. I then managed to retrieve and set the string from a simple webpage using Metamask.

The problem I'm having is that the data is not persisting on the blockchain, after a while transactions start piling up and all the values in my contract get replaced by 0s etc. This then causes the dreaded BIG NUMBER error in both the CLI and via browser.

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

I've also heard that there are problems with strings in Solidity and that some people don't even bother using them. This is a concern to me and I'd like some clarification.
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