[ANN] DSLA by Stacktical : Automatic Compensation for Application Outages

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As a consumer, it's ridiculously hard to get compensated for the performance failures and downtimes of our online services. Meanwhile, service providers struggle to retain consumers and keep employees motivated in the face of scalability challenges.

Stacktical is a unique way to turn the performance of an online service into surprisingly gratifying experiences for its stakeholders. It’s a comprehensive service level management platform that helps companies indemnify their customers for performance failures, while rewarding their support teams for operational excellence.

The circular economy of the Stacktical platform is powered by the Decentralized Service Level Agreement (DSLA) ERC-20 utility token, as per the diagram below :

As you can see, the Stacktical platform and the DSLA token are designed to align the interests of all service stakeholders in performance and non performance situations.

The provider defines service level objectives (A) and stake DSLA tokens (B) to form a compensation pool (C).

The compensation pool is depleted according to good service levels (D) and bad service levels (D’).

Token owners can either withdraw the DSLA they received as a compensation to their ERC-20 compatible wallet (E) or exchange them for promotional offers, loots and other service collectibles in the Stacktical marketplace (F).

All tokens exchanged on the Stacktical marketplace return to the compensation pool (C), ready to handle the next performance failure.


For service providers:
  • Streamline their service level management process
  • Streamline their (total) compensation management process
  • Increase their attractivity as a service provider with demonstrable proofs of care
  • Increase the reliability of their online services
  • Increase the performance of their support teams
  • Better retain consumers, customers and partners
  • Better retain talent and support heroes
  • Reduce the cost of disputes
For users:
  • Get automatically compensated upon performance failures and downtimes
  • Access an exclusive catalog of service collectibles and loots
  • Fair, Inclusive, Accountable, Transparent & Trustable service providers
For employees:
  • Get automatically compensation for proactively anticipating performance failures, meeting service level objectives and support objectives
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased service level management efficiency

The DSLA private sale is in progress.
The DSLA pre sale will start on November 1st 2018.
The DSLA public sale date will be announced right after the end of the pre sale.


Fore more information about the Stacktical platform and the DSLA token sale, please read our white paper, one pager and visit our website at https://stacktical.com

Also make sure to join our Telegram if you have any question.


Stacktical is a french software company specialized in applying predictive and blockchain technologies to performance, employee and customer management practices.

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