This Week in Ethereum Useful Token News - Oct 20th

This week proved to be another great week for our useful tokens, including token burns, 50% gains, and major platform updates. All tokens are listed on

0xBTC this week burned their contract ownership, making 0xBTC completely autonomous and self-governing. This removes any single contractual owner of the token. Prior to this, the owner did have the ability to withdraw tokens that were explicitly or accidentally sent to this contract. This move is mostly symbolic and creates a truly decentralized ecosystem for 0xBTC miners.

Etheremon recently integrated with Kyber, and to commemorate this occasion have included a new catchable Mon called Kyberra, which is the official mascot of Kyber. Etheremon is also running an event in honor of Halloween. Details can be found here. Additionally, did a review of the Etheremon platform. Read all about it in our Medium article.

Bounty0x has continued to move forward with their sheriffs program, with more invites being sent out for beta testing. The sheriff program will be available to all starting on November 20th. Additionally, CEO and co-founder Angelo Adam sat down with us for an interview to go into detail about the Bounty0x platform, discuss the sheriffs program, and give some new updates. Check it out and give us some claps here.

Binance Coin
Binance released their 5th quarter recap, which included an announcement to burn 1.6 million BNB tokens, holding a current value of $17,000,000 USD. They have now burned over 9,000,000 BNB tokens since beginning operation and plan to continue to have a regular burn, decreasing supply.

Maker Dao
Maker announced that they will be the new stable coin for POA Network, which focuses on Proof of Authority on the Ethereum blockchain with the xDai chain. This comes one week after Maker began working with Wanchain, showing that they are dedicated to continued growth.

Basic Attention Token
Brave announced there is a new version available for download, which claims 22% faster loading time, as well as Brave rewards beta. The rewards system has been highly anticipated within the community, which allows web surfers to get paid directly from advertisers. This disrupts the traditional model where services like Google Adwords receive payment for advertisements Additionally, BAT traded 25% higher on the week with Coinbase hinting at a potential listing.

Oyster PRL had a monster trading week, trading up over 52% on the week, becoming a massive winner in an otherwise sideways market.

Request Network
Request Network had a nice week of updates, including technical release of new npm packages, which should allow for a more developer-friendly experience by addressing bug fixes, adding additional features and refactoring of smart contracts. They have also been listed on CoinGecko, which is the 2nd largest crypto aggregator behind CMC, giving them higher levels of exposure.

iExec announced that they have now integrated Intel SGX security to the blockchain. SGX has proven to work well with centralized computing, and iExec has seen that there are potential security flaws with blockchain technology. By integrating SGX with blockchain, they hope to provide the most secure system available with emerging blockchain tech.

0x has now been officially listed on Coinbase as of October 16th, becoming the 6th and newest coin to be listed on the crypto giant platform. Joining the ranks of other top rated coins, 0x hopes that this new listing will bring more awareness to their platform and create the massive exposure that they have been looking for.

Storm released their Q3 2018 report, revealing huge statistics involved with their platform. Storm has included offers from major brands such as Airbnb, Uber, Instacart, and NexonM, as well as moved over 2.3 million downloads. There have now been over 11.1 million video tasks completed and 132,339 offer tasks completed in Q3.

Dent continues to steamroll forward with expansion and integration by adding service in Cyprus and Germany, increasing their total coverage to112 countries and 34 operators. Cyprus and Germany add 4.3 million and 4.2 million users respectively.

DAOStack has announced integration of EIP-1480 Access Control Standard which is a capability-based security mechanism for Ethereum smart contracts. This allows developers to easily define complex role-based, ordering, timing and use-count constraints for accessing the functionality of the contract in a secured way without compromising gas costs.

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