Blockchain was first used for Bitcoin. But despite Bitcoin’s popularity, blockchain managed to emerge as a separate body. It has proved that it could minimise the need for broker services across a large scale of businesses and trades.

From then on, blockchain has continued to redefine the way we transact. From centralised to decentralised, we are able to cut off the middleman and conduct person-to-person transactions. We may never know how else can it develop our lives and technologies in future. If we maximize it, blockchain has all the capacity to change the way we buy and sell, deal with the government and verify the legitimacy of certain important documents, and even not-so-important ones, for that matter. It has also been now used in creating decentralised apps or DApps to entertain people. Dappsite for example, is a website dedicated to showcase all DApps.

All these are possible because of the open space in the internet and the power of cryptography. This way, transactions are easier, faster and a lot safer. The possibilities that blockchain offers us is limitless. In the future, it may very well exceed all our expectations.
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