Cryptodice Craze!

People all over the world are talking about this new blockchain mania—Cryptodice! This game, powered by ETH or Ethereum, an emerging type of cryptocurrency, is not only played by people on the blockchain community. Anyone can play this game so long as you have ETH wallet and credits! People are all over this game because of the chances of growing their cryptocurrencies. There have also been many groups created to share stories about their Cryptodice experience. These dedicated groups have already become a community that also allowed friendships to grow.

One of these groups is built on Telegram, an instant messaging app. It’s called Dappsite_Community, where members gets news on Cryptodice and other DApps or Decentralized Applications based on the blockchain technology. Because aside from Cryptodice, there are other numerous games that you can play! Dappsite for example, caters to people who are looking for other games where they can use their ETH. Visit if you are one of the scouters for DApps or blockchain games! If you would like to join the Cryptodice and other DApps community, join the group on Telegram! Hope we talk to you soon!
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