I gather the best methods out there to promote your ICO

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I run into a lot of posts lately about ICO promotion and I decided to share with you what I learn from my experience in the business,
I rise over than 30$ million dollars to my clients and get millions of crypto traders & investors to watch my content.

First, what is ICO? (Initial Coin Offering), In short Its a way to raise money without having to give up any of your ownership of the company or taking any lawn. The concept is to make people believe that your idea is going to be huge, you build a pretty website, explain exactly how you plan to execute the idea, show you're amazing tech team and create an awesome white paper. Then, you ask for people to send you money (usually Bitcoin, Ether, and In some cases even fiat) and in return, you send them back you're own coin which they believe that in the future he will make tham rich.
Sry It wasn't that short like I promise

This is why it so important to publish In the right circles and in the most accurate way, ICO tends to spend a fortune on bad advertising that mostly does only bad to there brand.
So if you have you're own an ICO make sure that you spend your money wisely. and I hope this info will help a bit.

Let's begin with the White paper, Its spouse to be clear and understandable, not only technical and full of dry details. Simplify Your Idea Try to explain your idea to one of your non-technical friends. Did they get it?
If the answer is NO, work on it until it becomes YES
In your website, you will need to make people understand your idea in a manner of seconds.
It doesn’t matter how technical your project & idea are. Make it easy for everyone to understand.

Design- Clear and easy, recommend to take a promotional team for it, you can get inspired from Behance in case you need some help. (No need to elaborate)

Blog –
A blog will help you to get organic traffic to your website, improve your branding, and give value to the crypto community’s personal touch for the crypto community by you.

Content!!! I don't care if you write it by your self or pay someone to write it for you, the content must be relevant, and in high quality.
There is two way to publish it

1 You write it and pay for the PR website to release

2 You pay the website to write and release the article

Here is a full list of ICO PR sites where you can publish your content.

Websites. Try to focus the websites that really matters.

1 Twitter. Besides the fact that Twitter is a popular social media platform in the world, Crypto influencers and companies are using it to enhance communication with their community

2 Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.

3 Forums, BitcoinTalk is one of tham and created by Satoshi Nakamoto itself.

4 Telegram. DONT BUY YOUR COMMUNITY! pay to someone to run it and answer question accordingly

5 Reddit. One of the strongest place to promote you for ICO, and even create subreddit for your project.

Crypto Youtubers
Although I Don't love tham so much, it is great to create a buzz and gain attention to your project.

Airdrop means a coin/token is distributed to the community for free or for small tasks.
This is done to ensure early distribution and to have as many people with “skin in the game” as possible.
Airdrop that manages properly can contribute greatly to the project.

Hope it helps to some of you, next time I will like to explain how to build an advertising strategy campaign and how to do natural advertising (SEO)
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