Cryptodice in Blockchain Industry

Today, we want to introduce a blockchain game called Cryptodice.

Advancement in the blockchain industry continues at a persevering pace. New projects including existing blockchains have started to be made, taking into account the tech's gamification. The best example for On-Chain game or decentralized application (DApp) is Cryptodice, the first game on the ethereum blockchain of Dappsite. Cryptodice is a blockchain dice casino game that has captured the attention of numerous players in the blockchain industry.

It is the world’s first fully distributed fair and equitable game based on Ethereum. A traditional Sic Bo game that is incredibly old, but now enhanced by the developers. As an online gamer, if you are still adhering to traditional gaming options, you are missing out on the new age gaming trends accessible with Ethereum. Try to play the first game of Dappsite,
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