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BitCash combines the power of blockchain with the features of banking to create the world's most useable cryptocurrency

What is BitCash?
By combining the advantages of cryptocurrency (speed, privacy, decentralization, low fees) with traditional fiat banking systems (transaction records, account names, electronic statements, accounting software integration) BitCash is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency designed to facilitate real world trade between consumers and merchants with a goal of becoming the world’s most used cryptocurrency.

The World's First Privacy Coin Without Bad Actors

Cryptocurrencies have a problem. The blockchain (the network that stores transactions) is public, that means anyone that knows your wallet address can see your transactions. Privacy cryptocurrencies such as Monero attempt to solve this however, law enforcement agencies despise this as it fosters illegal activity including tax evasion and money laundering. A growing number of governments and exchanges have banned privacy crytpocurrencies.

This is where BitCash comes in. BitCash uses a sophisticated algorithm to make sure your transactions are private to the general public. However, the BitCash blockchain has a master-key that enables governments, law enforcement agencies and exchanges to explore the network as if it were public - similar to the Bitcoin network. This is best of both worlds -- just like your bank account where you have "Safe privacy". Privacy from prying eyes that deters illegal activity.

Stored transaction records for book-keeping and records management
Buyers using BitCash can enter in a private record which is only visible to the buyer and seller - this creates stored transaction records making it easy to see where your money went, manage your cashflow and plan for taxes..

Instant and low cost international money transfer
Using the power of blockchain and super fast transaction speeds, BitCash allows you to send money across the world faster and cheaper than traditional banking.

Send Bitcash to anyone, even if they don’t have a Bitcash wallet yet
Just like PayPal, Bitcash allows you to send money to anyone via email, chat or sms if they don’t yet have a Bitcash wallet, making paying bills, or sending money to friends and family a breeze.

Create various accounts within your wallet
Just like your normal online bank account, the BitCash wallet will allow users to create and label various accounts within the one wallet to help consumers and merchants organise their transactions.

Print eStatements
Your internet banking allows for easy statements, why shouldn’t your Crypto? With statements, both consumers and merchants can keep healthy records of their transactions.

Import transactions into Quickbooks and Xero
Running a real business requires perfect transactional record keeping. BitCash allows you to import your transactions directly into your accounting software for easy bookkeeping and tax time.

Pay bills with BitCash
Use BitCash to pay bills directly from your wallet in seconds

Recurring payments
Paying employees with crypto just became easier. Set and forget, you can now pay your staff with cryptocurrency just like you can with traditional banking software. Consumers can also now pay for their favourite subscription products using crypto.

Use BitCash across 1000’s of online stores
BitCash is accepted on thousands of online stores so you can buy online easily and privately. View our list of merchants.

For Individuals & Businesses
Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, BitCash aims to solve both the consumer and business sides of money transfer, payments, record keeping and accounting.

Q3 2018

Safe Privacy blockchain feature designed
- Transaction records onto the blockchain
- BitCash wallet for Windows
- BitCash wallet for Mac
- Integrate transaction records into wallets
- Safe Privacy blockchain
- Paper wallet creation and backup
- New Bitcash website launched
- CukooCycle POW algorithm
- Unique difficulty retargetting algorithm
- Verify before sending feature
- Send to "Anyone" feature
- BitCash network is launched
- Create network explorer
- GPU Miner
- Integrate GPU Miner into Wallet
- Discord community launched

Q4 2018

- Establish mining pool(s)
- BitCash Lightwallet
- BitCash <-> BTC exchange
- Allow users to create various accounts in the one BitCash wallet
- Allow users to print statements from their BitCash wallet
- Integrate recurring payments feature within BitCash wallet
- Web Wallet Launched
- BitCash integrated and accepted across 1000’s of online stores

Q1 2019

- Listing on major exchange(s)
- Android mobile wallet
- IOS mobile wallet
- Promoting BitCash (press releases, influencers, Youtubers…)

Q2 2019

- Accounting software integration (Xero / Intuit)
- Ecommerce platform partnerships (Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify)

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