ATAO coin: everything you need to know before investing in it

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ATAO coin: everything you need to know before investing in it.
What is ATAO? What is its purpose? How can it be used? How is it going to be profitable? What are its advantages? Here’s a guide that will answer these and other questions you may have concerning our utility coin. If you want to profit from arbitrage in the crypto universe, getting to know ATAO is your first step, so be ready to take it.

Introducing ATAO
Basically, Arbitao Coin (ATAO) is a form of benefiting from passive income. But not only that: it’s an access tool to our automated arbitrage platform and to the cloud computing capability feature. Furthermore, in terms of staking you can lock the coins in the wallet and earn through the verification of transactions more coins. Additionally, a reward is granted in our affiliate program by referring friends and it’s, of course, an asset that can be bought and traded on exchanges. The coin is the result of a decentralized network that keeps track of all ATAO accounts and balances in our blockchain — from which we created an 800.000.000 initial supply as genesis blocks. In order to enjoy our services, one needs to have some of those ATAOs that can be bought during our ongoing ICO and, after that, on our internal exchange or external ones. Click here to read a step-by-step guide on how to buy ATAO.

ATAO’s blockchain is based on NAV Coin version 4.1.1 (which carries some features of Bitcoin 0.13), a fast, secure and low costing blockchain. Therefore, it is compatible with most of the exchanges and apps that support NavCoin. Our consensus algorithm is based on Proof of Stake (PoS). In this method, instead of validating transactions through mining, ATAO holders can stake them in our ATAOwallet and be rewarded with the fees paid by senders, plus a 7% interest rate per annum in order to maximize stakers profits.
Not only does PoS require much less sophisticated machines in order to perform the process, it also saves energy and prevents frauds, once manipulating this kind of network results in losing the coins staked by the attacker. Besides, PoS is more decentralized than Proof of Work (PoW), considering that it is opposite to mining pools, a practice that reduces the decentralized nature of a blockchain, making it easier to be a victim of a 51% attack, for example.

Staking: ATAOwallet
In order to implement PoS method in our blockchain, we created the official ATAOwallet: each of those becomes a node of ATAO’s network when installed by enabling the staking mode. By doing so, the software communicates with other nodes, creating a decentralized P2P network. The more coins you have in your wallet to stake, the bigger the rewards.
The ATAOwallet supports currently staking, sending and receiving of coins. But in a short future, that won’t be all: we will allow users to contribute with computational power and internet bandwidth to our network, maximizing their rewards, in order to be directly integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges through our API. This will create a 100% decentralized arbitrage platform.

How is ATAO different from other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin?
Most of the cryptocurrencies use PoW, while consensus in our blockchain is reached through PoS. Besides, even though ATAO is based on NavCoin (a blockchain forked from Bitcoin), and consequently incorporates some of its aspects, there’s the main difference: we don’t support side chains. This means we don’t have a “private send” feature, in such way that all of the transactions in our blockchain are traceable. Note that it doesn’t mean that users’ address will be directly linked to their information unless they share them in personal pages.

What are its benefits?
Transactions made with Arbitao Coins are confirmed in seconds, instead of those long minutes other cryptocurrencies take, at a very low cost (0.0001 ATAO at the beginning, which means one thousand times less than a US dollar cent). In other words, buying, trading, and staking ATAO is accessible to everyone who wants to be part of our community, because we don’t expect you to be wealthy in order to start profiting from our platform and coin — actually, it’s the opposite of that. Plus, isn’t it a benefit for itself having access to a service that will bring you passive income?

How will ATAO be profitable?
Since our coin supply is time restricted and demand is not, every new user and holder in our platform will contribute to driving ATAO’s prices up, leading it to be profitably traded on external exchanges. Following that line of thought, even if you continue to earn the same amount through arbitrage, your income will be worth more. Arbitao’s growing popularity, then, is the key of our success, and that’s why we invest in our Affiliate Program — it does not only help us reach new users but also trusted partnerships.

Math is simple: the more awareness, the more users, which leads to more liquid capital we’ll have to invest in pools that will generate profits for arbitrage players. And with greater demand comes a greater need for staking, which will also maximize profits for ATAO holders. Even though the supply of ATAO is not limited to a certain number, the newly available coins should not have a negative impact on the price, because demand will always surpass supply in this scenario.

ICO details
Even though we already have a working product (which was possible thanks to the conservative money of investors during our proof-of-concept and test phases), at the moment of this publication we are conducting an ICO. This one is different, though: instead of aiming to raise funds to develop a system, our goal is to have enough capital to ensure faster adoption and liquidity that will turn into profits for our clients sooner, consequently driving up demand for our coin and increasing its value.
From the existing supply of ATAO Coins, 85% is available to our community during ICO, while 2% of those will be reserved for the Bounty Campaign. The remaining units will be allocated to Team (7%), Legal and Advisory (5%) and Reserve (3%).
Funds raised will be destined to Arbitrage Liquidity Pools (60%), Infrastructure and Operations (20%), Research and Development (10%), Marketing (7%) and Legal and Compliance (3%).
In all of our ICO phases, the price of each unit of ATAO is USD 0,10 and the minimum purchase was USD 100. Pre ICO period started on 22nd July 2018 (01:00:00 GMT) and lasted until 7th August 2018 (01:00:00 GMT). The same starting date market the launch of our arbitrage platform for early investors. During this stage, our soft cap was US$20.000.000, having 200.000.000 ATAO + bonus available. After that, ICO period went live on 8th August 2018 (01:00:00 GMT) and will end by 9th September 2018 (01:00:00 GMT). There are 280.000.000 ATAO + bonus available and the goal is to reach USD 28.000.000. Finally, there will be 480.000.000 ATAO for sale with a hard cap of USD 48.000.000. Coins accepted for purchases are: BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, DASH, BTG, XRP and Z CASH.

Are you ready for decentralized arbitrage?
Then get your ATAO coins and start profiting. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us through our online channels:
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