I Fixed the Scalability Trilemma. Peer Review please.

ajaxprimeajaxprime Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

I have a fix for the blockchain scaling problem. It allows for scaling up to billions of transactions per second.

The fix works like this :

The scaling issue starts at the coin base. If mining reward is issued according to consensus by a future miner based on a factor of the difficulty target, then effectively two chains are the same.

How do you prevent counterfeiting / double spend? Simply accept any chain as valid which mentions the sequence of the time stamp of the mother chain in the same order in its block headers to indicate the timeline of how the chain progressed.

Transfers can happen between different chain at same face value by an ecosystem of payment transferrors.

A simple image illustrating the fix: https://pasteboard.co/HD6ALBV.png

I will be publishing my paper shortly.
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