Selling 19 mining rigs

ragdelaedragdelaed Member Posts: 5
I can send a spreadsheet on request. Pickup only. Cash or coin. I need to get out, have other business interests.

19 mining rigs - ~2470 MH/s, 111 GPU's, 21 1200W power supplies, 19 mobos, new unused Antminer E3 with power supply

contact if interested, i am willing to consider all offers.

$68,000, very negotiable.

Allowed: Local cash, Crypto

location is northern Georgia area. - each picture has descriptions of the hardware, and pricing


  • ragdelaedragdelaed Member Posts: 5
    price reduced to $32508
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    It would be cheaper to just buy a bunch of E3's to get the same hash rate at half the cost you are asking. Going to be a hard sale. Looks like some nice setups but the market demand isn't there at this price.

    13 E3's does about the same hashrate, would be about $16,000 for those assuming you don't shop for better deals. (That';s based on $1200 ebay price, there are cheaper ones out there)
  • ragdelaedragdelaed Member Posts: 5
    proof of stake, whenever that happens, will certainly impact those who have a lot of E3 ASIC miners that cant mine anymore. with my rigs, you can pivot to monero, zcash, or whatever takes your fancy.

    i agree, E3 miners are cheaper.

    i am looking to sell though, and midway between 32k and 15k is 23k, and i would consider that for the right buyer.
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    I mean that's a better price but finding a buyer could be difficult. Might have better luck on ebay or craigslist. Don't see many people buy/sell on here. You can try selling on Lots of people buy/sell there. With the price of ETH down, it's a hard sale right now.
  • mjmeansmjmeans Member Posts: 65
    Very hard sale. Checked for 6 RX480s @ $0.12/kWh. Makes $0.61 per day. Less if not modded bios for low power cost. Anyway at your price of $2,052 for a 6 GPU rig, the ROI would be 9.2 years! The cards will fail before they every pay off. If ETH price doubles, then ROI would be 1.57 years. Still too long, considering depreciation, residual value of the components, and potential component failure for GPUs that were surely used under heavily load for an extended period of time. Rigs should be priced at 50% to 25% of retail component costs since you should already have depreciated/expensed the costs down to 10% residual value. For example a Thermaltake 1200W after heavy continuous use and not without warranty should be priced at $50 or less, certainly not $180. Just look on ebay sold listings for used ones and you see that they are selling for $31-$45. There are even ads for new for $150 OBO. An MSI Gaming 480 4G sold for $84 today. I also see a 12 GPU rig sold for $1,000 today.
  • asusrigasusrig Member Posts: 141
    12 GPU rig for $1000? What a waste! What kind of GPUs in it? He should have parted out the rig one card at a time.
  • SaphSaph Member Posts: 72
    I can understand your frustration at the moment with the market being so poor but you're effectively trying to scam people at those prices.

    I've just picked up a dozen rx570s for $80 each and I'm selling old boards and CPUs for £30 and £15 respectively.

    I appreciate you needing to shift these but those prices aren't right.
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