FND now available on ETHEX Exchange

FND listed on Ethex Exchange
We are glad to announce that Ethex has listed FND and our token is now tradable on their decentralized exchange. We were positively surprised by their position to only list tokens with a functioning utility.

What is ETHEX
Ethex is a next generation marketplace that works fully decentralised where transactions happen on chain as public record. If you are a crypto-enthusiast then there is little to no on-boarding proces needed to use the DAPP and start trading utility tokens.

Their user interface is clutter free and easy to understand. When using MetaMask your address and token details are loaded and you can immediately start buying or selling supported tokens.

What Makes The Ethex Team Different
We get approached by decentralised exchanges on a daily basis and it is hard to distinguish scam from genuine projects. The Ethex team took their time to understand the FundRequest marketplace and why FND has an actual utility. We appreciate their effort in doing an in-depth analysis on the tokens they list and therefore support the usage of their exchange.

“Fundrequest is an exciting project. They’ve built a truly useful service that finds a sweet spot between existing developer tools and crypto token incentives. We’re proud to have FND join the ranks of useful tokens listed at Ethex.”
 — John-Paul Walton, Co Founder, Ethex.
The team’s software first approach will give them valuable insight to customer needs and how they should build their over the next months.

We are interested to see what is coming next on Ethex.

Read more about FundRequest & FND listing on ETHEX here:

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FND listed on ETHEX

FundRequest lists on Ethex
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