Prevent other mining softwares (e.g. ethminer) to mine my public forked Ethereum chain

furicfuric Member Posts: 1
(Sorry if I post this in the wrong place, but I think it's related to Ethereum mining)

I forked an Ethereum chain and put it as public, but I only want my own software/client to be able to mine. Other miners using ethminer, geth, etc, cannot mine and profit from my chain (At least not before they hack and de-compile my software and find a way to mine). Is that possible?

Something I have in my mind:
  • An encrypted key needed to be provide for mining, key is decrypted and verified in nodes.
  • I myself manage few mining pools and all nodes should ONLY accept answers from my pools (by IP or by an encrypted key). All my clients join my mining pools, but I guess this will make the chain very centralized and expose to security issue?
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