Would this be considered cheating?

kaleemmalikkaleemmalik Member Posts: 23
I'm wondering if I could modify a miner's firmware to automatically jump around between multiple pools based on which one started a new block most recently, about once an hour. So if, say, Slush pool is working on a block and it's taking forever, this code would switch over to some other pool and work on their new block for a while on the off chance it gets lucky and finds the magic faster. I'm not sure what that 'magic' is called btw, maybe someone could clarify for me, is it 'the nonce'? I have no idea what that is. Then if all that happens is my hashing is split between 8 pools instead of one, it seems like ultimately my collective payoff would come to about the same amount. But if any of them happens to get very lucky, boom, higher payoff.

Does anything like this already exist? Is this considered cheating or dishonesty?

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