Introducing ZAGG Protocol

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Businesses around the world strive for consumer stickiness through multiple customer engagement programs like Gift Cards, Employee Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty (GBRL) and in turn, improve profitability. However, the current engagement programs are mostly broken with poor ROI.
With years of experience in the GBRL industry, our team has stepped in to solve the inefficiencies in the industry using Blockchain technology.
ZAGG Protocol is founded by Raj N. Phani, a serial entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in the fields of Prepaid Payments, Internet, Retail and Brand Merchandising.
Raj has also founded Zaggle, one of India’s biggest Digital Payments, Cashback and Analytics company. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Zaggle sees a turnover of around USD 100 Million. With over 2.5 million users and a million cards in the market, Zaggle has tie-ups with over 6500 merchants from across India.
ZAGG Protocol is on its way to reform and reorganise the current customer engagement ecosystem by developing a next-generation, ready to use, one-stop custom blockchain platform for businesses to engage their customers more effectively and at an affordable cost. This facilitates the conversion and exchange of value within the members of the network.
This would create a dollar value to all your currently undervalued Gift cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty Points.


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