TRON and SLT available on CoinDeal!

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Two new cryptocurrencies are available on CoinDeal to trade - TRON and SLT
  • TRON (TRX) is a crypto also based on Ethereum using blockchain technology with the decentralized operating system. TRON is almost 100% resistant to censorship. The maximum amount of coins will be 100,000,000,000. In the opposite to Bitcoin, the time needed to mine one block of TRON is 10 seconds. TRX is paired with Bitcoin (BTC).
  • SLT (SL) is a cryptocurrency which has won in the 6th voting. Our cryptocurrency committee has examed the SLT project to check if it is compatible with our platform’s standards. The result is positive so we have implemented SLT as well. It is paired with Bitcoin (BTC)..

Moreover, we can present two new markets: TRX/BTC and SL/BTC.

We encourage you to take part in the next voting which ends within the next 18 days.

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