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Today we cannot say that the launch of ICO start-ups has become mainstream, but more and more projects are being developed every day. So how do you choose the right one that will have all the necessary functions without loading you with a lot of unclaimed options? The answer is – you need to filter the projects and leave only those ones that are aimed at quality solutions to the most basic crypto-economic tasks.

As an example, we suggest to consider the project Scopuly. The platform is built on Stellar blockchain and is placed in one convenient mobile application, which is available on AppStore and Google play for smartphones (and PCs) After downloading the app the platform will give you 1000 free tokens via the launched Airdrop (Bounty campaign is being prepared for the launch). Its functionality allows users to safely store, attract, spend, pay and exchange crypto-currency assets. Let's consider it in more detail:

Scopuly SDEX. The application is decentralized, due to which all transactions between users, whether it is trading or crypto asset exchange of any type, are achieved without intermediaries. All transactions on the platform are instantaneous. Any token created on Stellar blockchain can be bought and sold right after the emission, bypassing complex crypto-exchanges. Any Stellar asset in Scopuly can be exchanged for any other; during which the platform will find the best exchange rate for crypto and multicurrency transactions, and also will allow you to convert currencies during transactions through distributed exchange.

Scopuly SDEX attracts new users with a user-friendly interface, high speed of operations and its functionality, which is constantly expanding. Thus, users of the platform will soon be able to buy and sell crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin for Fiat.

Scopuly Wallet. Scopuly development team added an option to the application, without which the crypto currency holder cannot operate - a multicurrency crypto-wallet. It allows convenient crypto assets storage and carrying out variety of operations. The guarantee of safety and security of your finances lies in the reliability of the storage. The big plus of the Scopuly wallet is the "cold" storage of crypto currency with encrypting the private key from each created account locally on the user’s device.

Scopuly ICO. The application will be especially interesting for ICO-start-ups and crypto-investors. This is because the platform gives an opportunity to ICO projects to get investment for projects, and also provides the database of prospective startups that meet specific criteria that have passed a comprehensive review. Anyone can create an ICO campaign in Scopuly, because it does not require any special technical knowledge. This means that innovators now have much more chances to fulfill their dreams and implement projects, while investors can profitably invest without spending a lot of time looking for suitable start-ups.

ICO-campaign of the project itself was successfully launched and will be completed after the sale of all tokens. The campaign involves 6 stages, at each stage Scopuly will implement the tasks that can be found in the road map on the platform website.

Advantages of the platform for investors:

It is important to understand that the investments that Scopuly collects will mainly be used not to develop the project, but to enhance the finished product in terms of the development and integration of new useful functions. The project developers pre-levelled the risks that most crypto investors are afraid to face:
- Firstly, the Scopuly project is not an ephemeral idea, but a successful platform, which was created by the founders using their own budget. And only now, after the launch of the project, they began to attract investments to popularize the product.
- Secondly, Scopuly's SKY tokens are traded on global Stellar DEX, accordingly, the risk that "it will be impossible to trade or sell tokens " is missing.

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