RotoHive Fantasy Sports Hive Mind dApp

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RotoHive at is my first attempt at an Ethereum dApp and I wanted to share it with everyone. It takes elements of Numerai and FanDuel / DraftKings to create something completely new and potentially disruptive. Basically we pay our users to share fantasy sports predictions and rankings and then aggregate this user data into meta models. This is the first example of a website where fantasy sports fans can collaborate with one another and I believe that over time, our collective wisdom of the crowd approach will out-perform any one single, centralized fantasy resource and become quite valuable.

We have an ERC-20 token attached to our project called Roto. Roto acts as a staking mechanism and is used to show confidence in predictions / prevent spamming our system with bad predictions. We are launching for NFL season in September and my hope is to introduce crypto to a new audience. Over 50 million people play fantasy sports every year and many in the fantasy sports community are already interested in crypto. Our platform allows these people to work together for the first time and create the world's best fantasy sports rankings. We are doing a free airdrop for anyone who signs up before September 9th. Our goal is to get our token in the hands of our users and not speculators with no intent of actually using our platform. Would love some feedback from the community! :)
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