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CoinDeal - cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims high!

The platform took off in March 2018, after four months it was in a high position in the global CoinMarketCap ranking, and the daily volume reaches up to 10.000.000 USD!

There are 25 cryptocurrency pairs on CoinDeal - including the most popular ones, mostly paired with Bitcoin (BTC), but also with Ripple (XRP) and fiat - euro (EUR) currencies, dollar (USD) and pound (GBP), polish zloty (PLN); the number of available coins is growing very fast, currently we offer 21 coins. More coming soon…

Voting program

New cryptocurrencies appear most often through the voting system. We created an exchange that we ourselves would like to use, based on a vision of a platform that meets the needs of its customer and involve them in process of development. Users have a real influence on the future shape of the exchange.

Users are the most important

CoinDeal’s top priority is the contact with its customer. The Support is available for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The platform offers frequent promotions and an affiliate program to its new and regular users, where you can receive 20% of their transaction fees for inviting your friends to register and trade. Users are also often surprised by promotional events on CoinDeal like fee discount or airdrops.

Security Practices

We offer the most advanced security standards. Exchange users are protected by complex password requirements, mandatory 2FA (two-step authentication), email confirmations for withdrawals and warnings about attempts to login from different IP addresses than usual. CoinDeal is also protected by CloudFlare security and funds are stored in cold wallets.To be absolutely sure that situations like private key losses, programming errors or system failure are inconceivable, 90% of funds are stored OFFLINE and are out of reach of the computer system. Users can check the funds, which belong to exchange market, and are not mixed with private funds of users. CoinDeal also provides 100% uptime of its platform to let its users trade anytime they want without missing any good opportunity. What’s more, after a transaction you won’t feel cheated as all the fees are visible in Fees Table. Moreover, we are compliant with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations. This means that every registered person's data for active accounts is held by us and is checked before and during the transaction to assess the risks connected to it and to prevent money laundering.
You can read more about this here.

Constant development

In July this year, the exchange became the official partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers, a team that will compete in the Premier League in the 2018/19 season. The CoinDeal logo decorates players' shirts, and will also appear on Molineux Stadium advertising bands. It is first that big cooperation between cryptocurrency exchange platform and a Football team as well known as Wolverhampton Wanderers. - quick and safe investing at innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform


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    Have you seen our promo ad? No? Check this out!

    CoinDeal Express has just left the train station. Be sure to take that journey with us!

    Register on
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    TRON and SLT available on CoinDeal!
    • TRON (TRX) is a crypto also based on Ethereum using blockchain technology with the decentralized operating system. TRON is almost 100% resistant to censorship. The maximum amount of coins will be 100,000,000,000. In the opposite to Bitcoin, the time needed to mine one block of TRON is 10 seconds. TRX is paired with Bitcoin (BTC).
    • SLT (SL) is a cryptocurrency which has won in the 6th voting. Our cryptocurrency committee has examed the SLT project to check if it is compatible with our platform’s standards. The result is positive so we have implemented SLT as well. It is paired with Bitcoin (BTC)..

    Moreover, we can present two new markets: TRX/BTC and SL/BTC.

    We encourage you to take part in the next voting which ends within the next 18 days.

    Deposit and trade now

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    EOS available on CoinDeal!

    We would like to inform you that the new cryptocurrency has been added to CoinDeal. From now on you can trade with EOS - the cryptocurrency that won in our 6th voting in “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system along with TRON and SLT!

    The main thing that makes this cryptocurrency stand out against others, is that there is no fee the user is paying after a conduction of a transaction. Instead, the user buying a coin is becoming an owner of a small part of the network. EOS is paired with Bitcoin (BTC).

    We are presenting new markets: EOS/BTC and… ORBT/XRP.

    As a bonus we have decided to add a new cryptocurrency to CoinDeal - ORBISE10.

    Don’t forget to vote for new cryptocurrencies which you would like to see on CoinDeal.

    Happy trading!

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    Contest on CoinDeal - win 100 000 TRX! #GameOfTron

    As you know, TRON is now available on CoinDeal and it is paired with BTC. To celebrate this, we organize a contest.

    Answer all Quiz questions correctly before the 6th of september, and trade on TRX/BTC market. The participant with the best quiz score and best turnover on TRX/BTC market will be the winner of the contest!

    1st place - 100,000 TRX
    2nd place - 50,000 TRX
    3rd place - 30,000 TRX
    4th place - 15,000 TRX
    5th place - 5,000 TRX

    Answer our quiz right here:

    Trade on TRON market to maximize your chances:

    Check out the rules of the contest:

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    Last chance to win TRON!

    There is only one day left till the end of the contest on CoinDeal. We organized it together with TRON Foundation to celebrate the implementation of TRX cryptocurrency on our echange platform.

    Don’t waste your time and win 100,000 TRON in our GAME OF TRON!

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    Pro Chart Tools

    We are glad to present "Pro Chart Tools". From now on every cryptocurrency chart, you can find a button which will allow you to use new tools. Thanks to them trading on our cryptocurrency platform will be much easier. It will not only simplify getting information about the current trend but it will also help you predict further possible actions on the market and plan a strategy.

    For more information please visit our website!
    CoinDeal - cryptocurrency exchange platform

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    We always emphasise that the users` needs are the most important for us. That`s why we constantly improve our cryptocurrency exchange platform. Today we can present…


    We`ve introduced new changes to the dashboard view to improve user experience, which will obviously result in more efficient trading.

    You can see, that we added some tools to technical analysis to the new looking dashboard and also the information about the spread. Another change is the place of “Orders” so you can easily track the rate and buy/sell orders at the same time. If you don’t like the new version of the trading dashboard, you can always switch it to the previous one!

    CoinDeal - start testing our new trading dashboard and use all available tools!

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    Last Friday, we've turned 1 year old!

    CoinDeal was launched on March 1st 2018, but the work started way back in 2017.

    Our three founders: Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak and Kajetan Maćkowiak and a team of 10 people have been working hard for half of the year to release the fully functioning platform with the support available 24/7 in many languages.

    Learn more about our history at:

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    Basketball 3×3: the highest prize pool in Europe!

    We are excited to announce the new tournament for basketball players. The participation in the tournament, among others, was just confirmed by the Polish Champions and, at the same time, the 4th team of the World Championships.

    Prize pool reaches 3 BITCOINS= over 20, 000 USD!

    The tournament starts at 11:00 a.m. and will last until 7:00 p.m. in the center of Wrocław – on Solny Square. More detailed information and schedule of the event can be found at and on Facebook.

    We are the main sponsor of the event.

    Give yourself the chance to play with the most talented players from around the world!

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    Did you know we've created a Facebook Trade Group to give our traders all the best tips for trading on CoinDeal?

    Join here!

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    New bank transfer available!

    From now on you can easily make deposits using polish zloty (PLN) via bank transfer. All you need to do is go to a deposit website and download data for money transfer. Remember, make money transfer only from your bank account. Data of your bank account and CoinDeal account has to match!

    As a reminder, the first fiat currency you could make deposits with via bank transfer was Euro (EUR). We do our best to simplify entering the CoinDeal platform for you.

    Current methods of deposits:

    - crypto transfer - all cryptocurrencies available on CoinDeal,
    - bank transfer - EUR, PLN,
    - Epay - USD, GBP,
    - skrill - PLN,
    - Visa, Mastercard, Dotpay - Bitcoin.

    Current methods of withdrawals:

    - crypto transfer - all cryptocurrencies available on CoinDeal,
    - bank transfer - EUR,
    - Epay - USD, GBP.

    Choose your favorite method, make deposit and earn on!

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    The winners of Game of TRON!

    Thank you all for participating in our great contest we have organized with TRON Foundation.

    We can proudly say that 1217 people took part in the quiz, and 84 got the highest score of 23 points. Isn`t it impressive?

    Here is the full list of the winners.

    Stay tuned. Next contest is on the horizon!

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    Results of 8th voting on CoinDeal

    After the unsuccessful 7th voting, we have two winners of 8th voting!

    The 1st place was taken by Electra. It broke the record with the amount of votes - 3154. The second place belongs to Electroneum with the amount of 1563 votes.

    Both cryptocurrencies significantly exceeded the required number of votes.

    Remember, the 9th voting will start soon. The next two projects on the list also gathered the needed amount of votes so they have pretty high chances to win in the 9th voting in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system.

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    Latest changes on CoinDeal

    We present summary of the latest changes that we have introduced to our cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    - We have improved the look of the dashboard and added tools to make a technical analysis.

    - We have added option “search” in “my transactions” section to make looking for a needed transaction by traded pairs easier.

    - We've streamlined deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

    - We have improved export CSV, the look of a website and reCaptcha. Also, we have improved data display in the affiliate program.

    Stay informed on the latest changes on CoinDeal!

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    Hello, the new voting has already begun.

    You can cast your vote until October 15th. The threshold for particular cryptocurrency to be considered is 1500 votes. The rest is in your hands!

    Check it out and vote! 💪💪💪

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    Past 2 Weeks In CoinDeal

    - We added a new method to deposit your funds on CoinDeal. You can use Mistertango to send your euro (EUR) to your wallet.

    - We changed an account number for EUR transfers to improve the deposit process.

    - We announced the results of Game of Tron and paid out the prizes.

    - 8th voting conducted on CoinDeal to choose next cryptocurrency implemented on CoinDeal has already finished. The winners are Electra and Electroneum.

    - We have also changed the layout of registration subpage to simplify using it.

    If you are still not registered on - innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform... REGISTER NOW

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    The first payments were sent to members of our VIP Affiliate Program! 💸

    Do you remember about earning not only by trading?

    What can you gain becoming our VIP?

    ✔️ a lower trading fee – instead of 0,3% (maker) and 0,4% (taker), you’ll pay only 0,2% (maker) and 0,3% (taker)

    ✔️ as the VIP user, you’ll earn 20% of the fees paid by the users who you’ll recommend.

    ✔️ if the users recommended by you will invite some new people to CoinDeal, you will earn additional 20% from the 20% of the fees the new users will pay

    ✔️... and many more.

    Encourage your friends to register from your link. Remember, there is no limit of friends you can invite.


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    In case of any questions, we are at your disposal. Our Support team works 24/7.

    Write to us!

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    The 9th voting is coming to an end. So you have one last chance to cast your vote.

    Remember, you have to register on and pass the verification process to take part in our voting program.

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    Всем привет!

    We are coming with good news.

    We introduced RUBLE along with the market BTC/RUB to CoinDeal. 🇷🇺️ Go to your wallet after logging to your CoinDeal account and make a transfer!


    Remember that all the materials available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform are translated into Russian.

    We are consequently trying to improve our cryptocurrency exchange platform - CoinDeal and therefore the satisfaction of our users...

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    We are ready to present the winners of the 9th voting for a new cryptocurrency on CoinDeal! 📢

    PRiVCY and SAFEX CASH will be implemented to our crypto exchange platform soon. 💪

    We would like to remind you, that before the implementation, we check each cryptocurrency that wins in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” . If we find any incorrectnesses, according to our policy, we have the right not to implement the cryptocurrency. We want to keep the high standards of our services.

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    ECA and ETN available on CoinDeal!📢

    We would like to announce that ElectraCoin (ECA) and Electroneum (ETN), the winners of 8th voting, have been added to

    As a reminder, in the 8th voting on CoinDeal Electra got the first place with the breaking record amount of votes - 3154! Electroneum was on the second place with a little over 1500 votes.

    Don’t waste your time and make a deposit on ECA and ETN wallets, because… soon we will announce two contests for the most active traders on ECA/BTC and ETN/BTC markets!

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    Win ECA - 1 MILLION coins!

    As we have promised, there is a new contest that we have organized together with Electra’s team - the founders of the prize!

    The contest starts on October 19th, at 13:00 (UTC+01:00) and will last for the next 3 weeks until November 9th.

    ElectraCoin is a cryptocurrency newly added to CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as a result of the 8th voting in our "vote for a new cryptocurrency system".

    Check out the details here

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    We are pleased to inform you that CoinDeal is being moved from Cyprus to Malta!

    It is a significant step in developing our company.

    Malta is the perfect environment for developing cryptocurrency technologies, due to the complex support provided by the Maltese government.

    Moreover, we want to assure you that it will not influence the services we provide you. Now we only need you to fill the agreement that will allow us to move your user accounts to our new company.

    It’s easy! Log in on CoinDeal, then accept the changes. After that, you can trade freely!

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