Spy on ethereum wallets

Mikhailo_LiutovMikhailo_Liutov Member Posts: 1
Hi, my name is Michael, and I'm 15 years old. I've programmed for some time now, but recently, I've got interested in cryptocurrencies. Some of my elder friends are traders, and they've given me an idea to create an app for tracking wallets. As a result, I've decided to develop an app that will be useful for anyone who trades ethereum.

I called it CryptoMonitoring and made it totally free. I see it as a useful tool for those who trade ethereum as it can help you predict a price drop before you lose your money. You can add ethereum wallets you want to monitor (big holders of ETH), set a threshold, and receive notifications when it is moved from any wallet that you are observing. As a result, ethereum price’s crash won’t be a surprise for you anymore.

Currently, it is in open beta, and desperately needs your feedback! Since I am a developer of this app, I will be able to implement anything you suggest, because the main purpose of this app is to make your life more comfortable. Here is a link for it in Google Play, install it and feel free to share your opinion and ideas.
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